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Cuprous chloride CAS NO 7758-89-6 CuCl

Cuprous chloride CAS NO 7758-89-6 CuCl
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Cuprous chloride CAS NO: 7758-89-6 High quality Best price

Cuprous chloride propertiesMelting point 430 ° C (lit.)

Boiling point 1490 ° C (lit.)

Density 1.15 g/mL at 20 ° C

Steam pressure 1.3 mm Hg (546 ° C)

The refractive index of 1.93The flash point of 1490 ° CSolubility 0.06 g/L (25 ° C)Form beads

Water solubility 0.06 g/L (25 º C)Sensitivity Air and Moisture SensitiveMerck, 14266Stability Stable. Incompatible with oxidizing agents, potassium, water, Air, light and moisture sensitive.CAS DataBase 7758-89-6 (CAS DataBase Reference)NIST chemical information Cuprous monochloride (7758-89-6)EPA chemical information Copper chloride (CuCl) (7758-89-6)

Cuprous chloride purposes and synthesis methodThe water solubility (g / 100 ml) every 100 ml dissolved in water g number:9.9 x 10-3/20 °CToxic to the skin and stimulated, dust makes itchy skin foam, stimulate an eye tears. The production operation personnel to wear uniform, wear a face mask, gloves and other protective equipment. Production equipment to be airtight, ventilated workshop, a shower after work, pay attention to protect skin, respiratory organs.Chemical properties white cubic crystalline or white powder. Slightly soluble in water, but soluble in strong hydrochloric acid and ammonia generate complex, not soluble in alcohol.Use used as catalyst in organic synthesis and the oil industry decoloring agents and desulfurizer, nitrification cellulose denitration agent, soap, oil production of condensing agentUse the dye production in addition to production aniline dyes, phthalocyanine blue, green, green phthalocyanine pigment on copper salt active complexation outside, is also used for shrinkage reducing agent, catalysts and mixture. Organic synthesis industry used as catalyst, such as production acrylonitrile, oil industry desulfurizer and decoloring agents. Nitration cellulose denitration agent. As a pesticide, preservatives. Also used in metallurgy, electroplating, medicine. Manufacturing batteries. In the industrial gas analysis is used for oxygen and carbon monoxide in the absorption of the agent.Use used as catalyst in organic synthesis, and used in paints, corrosion and other industriesUse analytics reagents, catalyst, fungicideProduction methods copper wire air oxidation waste will join in the reactor silk, and certain concentration of salt a hydrochloric acid material liquid interaction, in 60 ~ 70 °C slowly into the air for the oxidation, until of reaction solution hydrochloric acid content of 10 ~ 15 g/L so far when. Rest for clarification, the upper cuprous chloride a clear liquid sodium chloride hydrolysis, generating cuprous chloride precipitation, the filter, hydrochloric acid washing, and ethanol in 60 ~ 80 °C dry, the cuprous chloride products. theCu 2 + 2 HCl + 2 NaCl {[O]}-2 Na [CuCl2] + H2ONa [CuCl2] [H2O]-CuCl + NaClCopper ash hydrochloric acid method the technological process and copper wire basically the same air oxidation.Copper sulfate method will copper sulfate and salt to join in the reactor metathesis reactions, generation of copper and sodium chloride, filter to remove sodium sulfate, sodium sulfite, add in the filtrate for reduction reactions, generating cuprous chloride precipitation and sodium chloride, sodium chloride filter to remove, with ethanol after washing, in 60 ~ 80 °C dry, the cuprous chloride products. theCuSO4 + 2 NaCl-CuCl2 + Na2SO42 CuC12 + Na2SO3-2 CuCl + 2 NaCl + SO3Reduction reaction produces in the process of sulfur trioxide formation, with soda water solution generation sodium absorption.Category toxic substancesToxicity grade high toxicAcute toxicity oral-rats LD50:140 mg/kg; Oral-mice LD50:347 mg/kgCombustibility hazard properties not burning; The fire toxic contain copper, chlorine smoke;Low temperature storage and transport characteristics warehouse, ventilation, dry; And food raw material in separate placesExtinguisher water, carbon dioxide, dry powder, sandy soilProfessional standard TWA 0.1 mg (copper) / cubic meters; STEL 0.2 mg (copper) / cubic meters

Cuprous chloride CAS NO 7758-89-6 CuCl

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